Turkish charity aids Indonesia natural disaster victims

Hospital patients and relatives wait outside after being evacuated after an earthquake rocked Indonesia's Lombok island in Mataram

The government on Tuesday "expressed its condolences" to the government and the people of Indonesia following the loss of lives and injuries suffered after a massive quake.

"All five have been accounted for and are safe‚" Department of International Relations and Cooperation (Dirco) spokesperson Ndivhuwo Mabaya said Tuesday.

As the aid effort stepped up, volunteers and rescue personnel erected more temporary shelters for the tens of thousands left homeless on Lombok by the magnitude 7.0 quake.

Tourists have been fleeing the Indonesian island of Lombok since yesterday after a magnitude-6.9 quake killed at least 98 people - a death toll expected to rise, reports Al Jazeera.

At a collapsed mosque in Bangsal district, emergency workers in orange uniforms removed a woman's body from the ruins on Wednesday morning. Food, medical supplies, tarps and clothes are also urgently needed, it said.

British holidaymaker Natasha Millheim said: 'My partner and I are in Ubud and we were standing outside by the pool of our hotel when everything started shaking, ' she said.

At least one person was killed by falling debris and dozens of buildings and temples were damaged on the majority-Hindu island, said I Wayan Karnawan, head of the local disaster mitigation agency in Bangli regency.

A man carries a refrigerator from the ruins of an appliance shop in Bangsal, northern Lombok on August 8, 2018, three days after the area was struck by an natural disaster.

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The power went out and they began evacuating once the building stopped shaking, he said.

"Unfortunately another quake struck Lombok the following day". The quake triggered a tsunami warning, and frightened people rushed from their homes to higher ground, particularly in North Lombok and Mataram, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara province.

On Indonesia's tourist island of Lombok, rescuers continue to search for survivors of Sunday's natural disaster, that's now claimed more than a hundred lives.

"We were moving metre to metre side to side, up and down, people were screaming and running away from any structures and trees", she said.

The island is popular with tourists and now about 1,000 foreign visitors have been evacuated to nearby islands. The islets are renowned for their crystal clear waters that draw snorkelers and divers from all over the world.

With not enough boats to evacuate tourists quickly and too few planes to fly them out of Lombok, many visitors were forced to wait for hours or camp on beaches and on the floor of the global airport in Mataram. Thousands of people sat on roadsides outside their houses under blue makeshift tents and tarps, too afraid to stay inside because of aftershocks or their homes now uninhabitable. "People were literally fighting and pulling on each other to get on the boat and throwing them into the water", she said, adding how some locals were even trying to charge tourists to take them to the main land. An AP reporter saw one body recovered Tuesday.

"They have not been touched by any assistance", Nguroho said.

"The tourist polytechnic now owns one food truck", Guntur confirmed.

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